For little girls, the rite of passage comes in the form of cutting their own bangs, but for us grown-ups; it’s over plucking our eyebrows. If you’ve been there or you just have naturally thin brows, you are probably aware of how hard it is to grow them. And when they do, they are either sparse or uneven.

Luckily for us, numerous solutions are already at hand to help us get thicker and fuller eyebrows. There are make-ups products, castor oil, and treatments including microblading and tattooing to enhance the eyebrows.  For those who don’t fancy any of these remedies, you can also go for eyebrow serums, which is supposed to be the easiest way to support the growth of brows.

Eyebrow Serums

These serums come in liquid form and are applied to the brows with the use of an applicator wand. It promotes the growth of brows in areas where it is sparse.

Eyebrow serums are classified into two: prescription and over the counter. The former contains an active called Bimatoprost, the sole ingredient scientifically proven to enhance the growth of brows and lashes.

You can still buy eyebrow serums without the need to see a doctor. Make sure to choose those that have peptide as they are the best in promoting healthy hair follicles. Similarly, biotin and panthenol also make your brow hair stronger, while antioxidants hasten their growth. Other good ingredients are hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and essential oils like argan and castor. They help strengthen and condition your brows.


Eyebrow serums are not for those who expect to see overnight results. Consistent use for two to three months is the key for it to work its magic. Once you stop using a serum, the hair growth reverts to its normal rate. Eyebrow hair actually has the slowest rate of growth compared to the hairs on the scalp and other parts of the body.

Side effects

Like with any other products you use on your face, it is important to do research before applying serums on your eyebrow. Ingredients to watch out for are prostaglandins and isopropyl cloprostenate. These ingredients can illicit adverse reaction like itching of the eyes, redness, and permanent discoloration of the iris, among others.