A-Cold-Wall is a protégé house created by Samuel Ross, a student of Virgil Abloh known for HYPEBEAST fashion. On the last day of London Fashion Week Men’s on 10th of June, Ross’ works A-Cold-Wall walked down in a blast. The crowd saw eye-pleasing showcase from Samuel Ross. Ross is known for streetwear fashion and he did not disappoint. People took the opportunity and posted videos on social media. Undeniably, A-Cold-Wall is a new era that will hit the streets.

Material and Emotion Game

A New Brand of Streetwear Reimagined

The main concept revolved around minimal details and a tinge of architectural feel. With lights and sounds, models walked down with pride. 

Ross’ works played around his usual character – teenage streetwear, parkas, hoodies, and boots. Yet there is something about the new collection Samuel Ross showed. Maybe it is the drama in each piece. New elements and textures appeared that gave people something new to look forward to in this rising fashion icon. 


Models walked down with clay on their face adding texture and vibe to the overall look. This is exactly what material and emotion are when realized. Ross is a genius when it comes to unique elements and wearable. 


Others have lead in their runway look. On the show notes, Ross mentioned that he wanted to incorporate lead into garments because he remembers his father, who is a stained-glass artist, working around with Lead.

From workshop to runway

Samuel Ross also has a background that could inspire others. A-Cold-Wall is a masterpiece of a person from a working-class. At this rate, Ross’ legacy is just beginning. From winning Emerging Menswear Talent at the British Fashion Awards last year and to showcasing in London Fashion Week, he sure made a lot of people proud.