Former Spice Girls member, businesswoman, and fashion icon Victoria Beckham never failed to inspire the public. She always published her fashion secrets to help people be in their best getup.

Recently, Victoria posted some of her summer wardrobes online. Take a look and imitate the expert’s fashion statement.

Midi Printed

She posted a photo wherein she wears an all-covered white dress. The summer dress is printed with some sort or tribal lines. While the dress covers most of Victoria’s body, the texture of the garment keep her cool even in summer.

Pajama This Summer

If you think that pajamas are just best for bedtime, you are wrong. You can use pajamas as a summer getup as well. According to Victoria, there’s nothing wrong in wearing pajamas outside as long as you are comfortable. Try wearing pajamas in the next summer and feel the difference.

White Tees

Of course, white t-shirts are best during summer. White shirts reflect the sun’s heat, and it will make your body more relaxed even there’s a sudden change in temperature.

Just wear a slightly loose white t-shirt to ensure optimum comfort amidst the scorching heat of the sun.

Folded Skirts

Victoria also suggested wearing pleated skirts this summer. Wearing plated skirts will make you more comfortable without compromising the style. You can use any color as long as the skirt is evenly pleated.


Another advice from the fashion icon is to wear full shaded eyeglasses. Wearing eyeglasses will keep your eyes relaxed and safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

According to Victoria, these are only some of her fashion tips to make your summer extra cool. She said that anyone could experiment and find the most comfortable dress. She highlighted that as long as ‘confidence and comfort’ are in place, you are in the right fashion trend.