The scene outside the Spring 2020 menswear show in Paris was as much flavorful as the ones seen in the haute couture runway. 

A variety of street-style themed outfits including sportswear and skirts were a treat for the eyes.  But Vogue photographer Phil Oh shot the most captivating subject of the week: A man wearing a Thom Browne gingham shorts suit that exposed a prosthetic leg.  The man was no other than Quin Lewis, who uses fashion to promote empowerment and body confidence.

Quin Lewis is a 39-year old foreign affairs official who works for the U.S. Department of State. He is a self-confessed fashion enthusiast living in Washington, D.C. Lewis lost his right leg in an accident that happened in 2005.

Every season, Lewis heads to Paris and Milan to witness the various collections from different fashion brands and designers. Lewis particularly enjoys the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris because he gets to dress up in his best look for the season. He also gets to see the newest collections and choose the latest styles that he can incorporate in his wardrobe for the coming year.

His favorite from the spring collections include the works of Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh. Among the works of Abloh that caught Lewis’ attention are the modern suits that have built-in harnesses and sculptural jackets that have fine back details. He is also looking forward to wearing Thom Browne’s colorful suit collection in the coming season. Lewis adores the floral and leopard prints from Belgian designer Dries van Noten, and enjoyed the shows by Alexander McQueen, GmbH, and Alyx.

But more than showcasing his own style and not missing out in the latest trends in fashion, Lewis used the occasion to showcase his advocacy about fashion and body acceptance. After Lewis lost his leg, he was able to garner strength by enhancing his own sense of style. Even before the accident, Lewis has been fascinated with fashion. Upon losing his leg, he took it as a positive challenge to create a personal fashion style that still looked cool despite having a prosthetic leg.